Long gone is the time when erectile dysfunction was a taboo topic. Also long gone, at least internationally, is the time when Viagra was the only option for treating the condition. The advances in medical science as well as the Internet brought a broad democratization and expanded the spectrum of ED drugs available on the market. lntagra is yet another one of the generic-type alternatives to Viagra.

intagra online   lntagra is, as you can guess by the name, a direct Viagra substitute. It is produced by the thriving and highly reputable Indian pharmaceutical company, more specifically Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

   lntagra is a sildenafil citrate medication, which acts as a vasodilator, thus facilitating and directing the blood flow to certain parts of the body like the penis, in this case.intagra 100mg-4-tablet This action stimulates the area and helps men achieve an erection faster and maintain it longer than they would otherwise. The drug potentiates these erections in the sense that they are much more powerful, sensitive, and harder in general.

   A quick Google search will show you that Intagra is quite easily and readily available online. At least several websites claim to ship the drug to and from countries like the UK, Australia and Canada. Some of these websites even go as far as claiming that they can deliver the product overnight.

   lntagra pills come in three different doses: 100, 50 and 25 mg. They are white or rather off-white in color, unlike Viagra and so many generics that tend to copy Viagra’s highly recognizable blue color. This medication seems to be a bit more expensive than other generic Viagra options, which can be explained by the fact that the drug is manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company. For example, a four-pill pack of the 25mg dosage pills will cost up to $20. Naturally, the most popular dosage of 100 mg will cost even more.

   Online pharmacies sell Intagra, as well as other generic medications, without a prescription. This can be seen as an advantage, especially for individuals who still find erectile dysfunction to be a taboo subject and want to preserve anonymity. However, potential users are highly recommended to consult the doctor first before taking Intagra or any other sildenafil-based drug.

   The reason for this is that sildenafil is known to have some contra-indications. People who suffer from heart, blood, liver and kidney conditions are strongly discouraged from taking any sildenafil medications, as these may worsen their conditions or interact with their current course of treatment.

   Additionally, sildenafil may have side effects on some individuals. The reported side effects include headaches, dizziness, flushing, nausea, and sometimes vision impairment. Any other symptoms should be reported to the medical authorities, as well as any severe instances of those aforementioned.