Is sildenafil still the best erectile dysfunction treatment in 2024

Sometimes you would wonder if Viagra and sildenafil are still the best treatment for ED, I mean after all they were introduced to the market in the 90s, so a lot of time has passed since then and in this blog post we are about to find out other alternatives for sildenafil citrate and if they are better, let’s start!

Competitors of Sildenafil

Of course one of the main well known competitor is tadalafil from Cialis, however this one is not new and in the same age range as sildenafil so we don’t count this. We want to focus on the newer products on the market and to see if there are better alternatives.

Vardenafil (Levitra) is a newer alternative from Bayer and some people say it has less side effects as sildenafil, so when you have too much annoying side effects from Viagra, you could try vardenafil. Personally I find sildenafil better and especially with Kamagra Jelly which is simply kicking in after 10 minutes 🙂

Max Herbal Gun Power is such a herbal alternative which works very efficient and is especially good for those who prefer herbal meds over traditional medications.

ProSolution is a highly rated and recommended male enhancement pill with fantastic results on all types of men with fast effect and almost immediate interaction.

VigRx Plus is typically marketed as a natural supplement that claims to provide a variety of benefits for men, including larger and harder erections, improved stamina, and enhanced sexual satisfaction.


There are new products on the market for male impotence treatment and yes they work and are good, but to be honest till today there is not such an ingredient as powerful and quick as Sildenafil Citrate and especially with the jelly variant it is simply unbeatable. Sildenafil is available in Viagra Jelly as well as Kamagra Jelly and they work practically the same so you are safe with both of them and within 10 minutes your manhood is ready to rock all night long for a long hard erection you have never seen before!

Kamagra Jelly
Kamagra Jelly