When it comes to sex, there are many topics that people are too shy to ask experts about or discuss with friends. One of them is sex after pregnancy. Most of us do not even know the “basics” of the subject, like how long after giving birth a woman should refrain from having sex. In this article, we are going to shed some light on the aforementioned part of sexual life in the form of questions and answers.

   How long does a woman have to wait to have sex again?

   Just like many other medical conditions and events, giving birth has a different impact from one woman to another. There is a general rule stating that sexual activities should restart between 3 and 6 weeks after giving birth. However, the 3 week margin contained inside the above rule is a lot of time, so women who would like to have a more accurate, individual advice should visit their gynecologist.

postbaby-sex   When can a woman start using birth control?

   The answer to this question is a bit complicated because breastfeeding is involved. There are some chemical substances that can be transmitted to the baby when the mother breastfeeds it. There are also indications that birth control pills reduce the mother's milk production rate. Thus, most medical experts suggest that a mother should wait for at least six weeks before starting using the pill. But, there is one exception: a certain type of pill that only contains progesterone. It is considered by most doctors to be totally harmless and can be used at will.

   Are there ways to improve post-pregnancy sex?

   Of course there are, and they are not even that hard to follow. They are a combination of both physical and psychological. The couple has to work together in order to rebuild the required intimacy and also find the right timing to have sex, since a new born baby is guaranteed to interrupt the couple’s intimate relationship during the day.

   The woman should also start exercising and sticking to a healthy diet in order to lose the extra weight that pregnancy adds in order to increase her attractiveness. That move will not only benefit her overall health but also boost her sexuality and self-esteem.

   These are only a few of the many questions a couple or a woman would ask a medical expert. We have to keep in mind that asking and learning the things we are interested in is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is actions like this that help us improve the quality of our lives. So if you have started to experience any problems of a sexual nature after giving birth, don’t hesitate to turn to your gynecologist or a sexologist for professional advice.