UTIs are infections that touch on any part of the urinary tract. Most of these come about in the lower section in the urinary system (the bladder and the urethra). Urinary tract infections are most likely to occur in women than men. These infections happen when bacteria from inside find their way into the urethra or if bacteria inside the bladder grow to the levels that are unhealthy.urinary tract infection - uti

   The following are some of the measures that one can take to avoid contracting these infections.

Taking enough fluids

   This is important because it ensures that one empties the bladder at least 6 times a day. When the body is properly hydrated, it keeps the urine diluted, which ensures that bacteria cannot grow to dangerous levels.

Choosing contraceptives carefully

   Women who are susceptible to UTIs are advised to avoid spermicides. This is because they affect the pH of the vagina thus making it more vulnerable to infections. Alteration of vaginal pH can promote abnormal growth of bacteria which trigger infections. Other contraceptives which may put one into the risk of contracting UTIs include diaphragms and spermicidal condoms.

Vitamin C

   Over time, studies have shown that incorporating some supplements of Vitamin C in the diet assists in increasing the acidity of the urine. This makes it unfavorable for the development of bacteria, hence reducing the chances of contracting urinary tract infections.

Drinking cranberry juice

   Cranberry juice is well known as an ancient preventive extract for UTIs. This juice is believed to inhibit bacterial accumulation in the bladder. Drinking 2-3 cups of this juice (pure) daily can help prevent these infections.

Urinating after sexual intercourse

   Sexual activity can accelerate bacterial movement from the vagina to the urethra. Therefore, urinating after engaging in sex helps in flushing any bacteria that could have been moved into the urethra. In case one doesn't feel the urge to pee immediately after the activity, taking a glass of water or two can come in handy to facilitate it.

   Other simple preventive measures include avoiding tight underwear, using mild shower gels and soaps for the genitals, and taking showers instead of baths.


   Urinary tract infections can be very embarrassing especially if they come about with itching and a foul smell. Observing proper hygiene should be something that everyone should consider since a big percentage of the causes revolve around cleanliness. The pride of every person is to be healthy, especially in matters related to sexual health. With this in mind, everyone should be conscious of causes of UT infections, which can be stubborn and recurrent if not well treated.