The US president administration in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced the launch of new programs, which aim is the development of personalized medicine. 1 million volunteers will be involved in one of the programs (planned to collect the required number of participants in 3 years).

The main goal of the program is to check the relationship between physical activity, health status, family history and external influences.

The President of the United States made a statement on the conduct of clinical trials more than a year ago. The purpose of this is to find and develop a personal approach to the treatment with all the features of a patient. Experts suggest assembling enormous amount of data into a single database: medical history, lifestyle, genetic factors of developing certain diseases, as well as the status of social and economic position.Personalized medicine

Particularly, Vanderbilt University will deal with the implementation of the program. The university has received a grant for the first phase - a set of participants.

This year about 80 thousand people will be involved, including 50 thousand selected through statements that came directly to the organizers.

Presumably, in the summer we will know exactly what steps will be taken in this large-scale study. It is clear that several medical organizations will be chosen to collect the remaining volunteers. Also, a biological data bank will be created, where medical information of all the participants will be stored.

NIH plans to work with medical centers, where patients may also be enlisted as participants (expected that patients with limited access to medical services will be selected). In addition, there is a plan to create a special commission that will attract companies to develop special devices for the automatic collection of medical information about the participants and monitor the ethical side of clinical trials.

The Department of Veterans Affairs have conducted the selection of participants from the military, who will take part in the program for the study of DNA, which is essential for the development of a personal approach to treatment. Also, Stanford University is planning to publish the genetic information of about 80 Americans of Iranian origin, who have given their consent to the study of their DNA.

The president of the United States Administration, together with the institutions and patient organizations, intends to promote personalized medicine among the population.

According to the preliminary data, the research cost will be more than 120 million dollars only this year, and in the next one it will exceed 200 million. In general, for the development of precision medicine, $1 billion is expected to be spent.