One of the major problems faced by people aged 50 to 70 years, also referred as baby boomers, is poor health. Most governments in different countries are looking for ways to help promote health of this population so that they can live longer in good health. There are different initiatives put in place, but there seems that seniors are still facing major health challenges.Healthy-Living-Seniors Most of the initiatives fail to produce the desired results because they do not focus on the real issues that lead to poor health among people in this age limit.

   Solutions to health issues affecting elderly people

   According to the England Chief Medical Officer, one of the ways that can help baby boomers stay in good health despite their age is ensuring they keep on working. Studies have shown that mental and physical health benefits of volunteering and being employed should never be underestimated. The results showed that working helps people feel more fulfilled and less isolated, which boosts their health. For people at this age, it is all about getting new challenges in life and this can prevent several health problems they suffer from. By working or volunteering, they stay mentally and physically active, thus reducing the risk of psychological problems that affect many people as they age.

   Other ways to improve their health

   In addition to ensuring that they continue working even at their age, baby boomers should also change their lifestyle. They need to adapt to a new lifestyle in which they engage in a healthy diet that is free of saturated fats that lead to heart problems even in younger people. They also need to engage more in physical activities despite of their age. There are some simple exercises such as walking for at least thirty minutes a day that can boost their physical and mental health. They are also encouraged to stop smoking or taking alcohol that is detrimental to their health. These are also two habits that lead to heart disease and cancer cases among the elderly.

   By adapting to the above changes, it is expected that life expectancy among those aged 50 to 70 years will go up to more than seven years for men and five years for women. Deaths caused by heart disease that affect a lot of elderly people will go down by almost 60 percent in men and 45 percent in women.