Osteoporosis is a well known medical condition that mainly affects the elderly. It is characterized by a decrease in bone strength and density, making it very easy for bones to break. It equally affects both men and women.

   There are many studies about things that a person should do to avoid osteoporosis. Following is a list of factors that increase the possibilities of developing the aforementioned disease. osteoporosis-bone


   The negative effects of alcohol are known to everyone of us. Bone mass is actually one of them. According to recent research, drinking too much alcohol is one of the things that weaken our bones. Medical experts claim that you should not drink more than five drinks per week in order to help your skeletal system remain strong.

Lack of vitamin D and calcium

   This is something we are all being told since we were infants. Drinking milk, eating yogurt and consuming dairy products in general provides us with the essential levels of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is extremely important for the human body since it increases bone strength. And vitamin D allows us to absorb calcium, so it is equally vital.

Insufficient exercise

   This statement may go against common sense but it is absolutely true. Exercise actually helps bones get stronger instead of wearing them down, like many people think. Both bones and muscles benefit from regular exercise so it is an activity you should include in your schedule as often as possible.


   Smoking can be an indirect risk factor for osteoporosis. For example, smoking as the main cause of lung cancer and a lot of other very dangerous health issues can also degrade bone health. Avoid at all costs or at least decrease it as much as you possibly can.


   Aging is the only factor that we can do nothing about. As people grow older, their bones grow thinner. Up until the age of 50, there is a constant procedure rebuilding bone mass, but once a person enters the 6th decade of his/her life, this balance is disrupted causing the rebuilding rate to decrease thus making the bones grow weaker and thinner as time goes by.

   There are more than a few things that we can do to prevent or at least delay osteoporosis as much as possible. We should all follow the suggested medical advice to make sure the quality of our lives does not decrease, especially when there is something we can do about it.