Generic Viagra as a Cheap Viagra alternative

Generic Viagra as a Cheap Viagra alternative

Why is Viagra always so expensive? Probably you can ask this with many medications including sexual health meds like Viagra and Cialis. Big pharma ofcourse has something to do with this, as the only thing they think about is “profit maximization” and lobbying at the politics, to keep medicine prices as high as possible.

Fortunately there is Generic Viagra

While the brand-version of Viagra may be very expensive, after the patent expired from pfizer, other pharmaceutical producers can now also produce quality Viagra under the name “Generic Viagra” , jus a few names are:
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Cheap Viagra

However the cheapest viagra till todate is not a brand-name from a generic producer, but the simplest Generic Viagra. We ourselves buy generic viagra for many years online at a trusted pharmacy, in business since 2001.

Viagra Sildenafil
Viagra Sildenafil

Why paying so much for Viagra, when you can order Generic Viagra for less than 1 USD per tablet including free shipping? Exactly, that is the exact question we were asking ourselves too. The generic version is also available with 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate, similar like the brand version. However on top of that, with the generic version you can also choose for stronger and lighter versions too! another advantage from the generic version of Viagra compared with the brand version. So be smart and buy generic drugs instead of brand drugs, while really the medicine is exactly the same, with the exact same active ingredients.